Advanced Digital (Statistical) Signal Processing (graduate level) since 2012 (link)

Statistical Signal Processing (PhD level) since 2013 (link), in 2019 @CTU

Past couses:

1990-1996:  Algorithm and Circuits for Communication Systems (graduate level)
1995-1996:  Image Processing (graduate level)
1996-2003:  Digital Signal Processing (graduate level)
2002-2004: Estimation theory (graduate level)
2004-2011: Statistical Signal Processing (graduate level)
2003-2012:  Communication Systems (undergraduate level)
2002-2012:  Topics on Signal Processing for Wireless Communication System (PhD level, link)

Tutorials & Miscellaneas:

  • WiMAX802.16e: technology and system perspective. Advanced features of PHY layer (2006)
  • DSP and radio-reconfigurability: block-processing (2006-2009)
  • Strategic scenarios in Network Access (2009)
  • …others since 2009 (not updated)