Publications & Books

I’m not keeping an updated list, but I’d rather link others that do it more professionally than myself (and some papers can be downloaded):


  • U.Spagnolini, Statistical signal processing in engineering, J.Wiley Ed. (link)
  • U.Spagnolini, Elaborazione statistica dei segnali (italian, 2010), (link)
  • U.Spagnolini, F.Rocca, L.Zanzi, Applicazioni di elaborazione numerica dei segnali (Examples of Digital Signal Processing), Ed. CUSL 1996, 2001 (italian): polyphase filters, spectral analysis, 1D deterministic signals, 1D random process, 2D signal analysis
  • U.Spagnolini and M.Piatti, Algoritmi e circuiti per le telecomunicazioni (Algorithms and circuits for telecommunication systems), Ed. CLUP 1996 (italian): Logical circuits, CPU and DSP, A/D and D/A converters, PLL circuits, PAM modulators